Where is it safe to keep a mobile phone? Pocket or hand?

The health risks caused by smartphones depend on how far you are using the smartphone from your brain. A high level of electromagnetic field is created during data or voice calling which depends on the mobile phone and the nearest tower.

Before buying a smartphone, we are usually interested to know camera megapixels, internal memory size and how many hours of battery backup etc.

We rarely think about the radiation of the phone.

Radiation level is one of the most important parameters of a smartphone. Invisible radio frequency waves are emitted all the time from the transmitting device inside the phone. The rate of that wave emission does not cause much harm to our body up to a certain level. But if this radiation level is excessive, then this high radiation has a deadly effect on our body.

This radiation of a smartphone is measured with a Specific Absorption Rate or ‘SAR value’. Find out how safe your phone is for you with your smartphone. Type *#07# on the phone dial pad, then you will see SAR information on your phone screen. You can see the radiation level of the phone at the bottom. According to the International Commission for Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation, the maximum tolerance level in the human body is 2 watt/kg.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Government of India, the SAR value should not exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Note that even if the smartphone is off, its SAR or heat radiation remains active. It is safe in two places in the pocket or hand if the SAR value is proper.

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